How Corning Created the Ultrathin, Ultrastrong Material of the Future

Great article! My favorite part:

Apple was suddenly demanding massive amounts of a 1.3-mm, chemically strengthened glass—something that had never been created, much less manufactured, before. Could Chemcor, which had never been mass-produced, be married to a process that would yield such scale? Could a glass tailored for applications like car windshields be made ultrathin and still retain its strength? Would the chemical strengthening process even work effectively on such a glass? No one knew. So Weeks did what any CEO with a penchant for risk-taking would do. He said yes.

How Corning Created the Ultrathin, Ultrastrong Material of the Future

It’s not the Specs, stupid!

We live in the Post PC world. Don’t believe me? Next time you are on a flight, just walk to the restroom and see how many people are on their laptops versus tablets or smartphones.

In this Post PC world, we act and think differently. PCs and Laptops were primarily purchased for work (or gaming). The decision to purchase a computer was always based on how powerful and effective it was to support your work/gaming needs. 

Nokia adPost PC devices such as Smartphones and Tablets serve us differently. They make us better human beings by empowering us to efficiently fulfill our daily needs. Looking up directions, communicating with people, finding restaurants, reading the news, listening to music etc. In this world, one cannot simply look at the specs and make the decision.Samsung Ad

The ecosystem is much more important. The ecosystem of apps, networks and content makes all the difference. People don’t buy these devices simply because they can use them with their gloves on or they can share photos by touching their phones. They make their decision with the broader picture in mind.

This is why Apple is so far ahead in the game. They spent the time building the ecosystem right. They got partners involved early. Now they have all the apps, network support, all the content etc. So even if you feel that they haven’t innovated (which, I would argue), they can afford to do so. This is because most people like being in that ecosystem as they can achieve a lot more in their daily lives with their devices. This is also the reason you haven’t seen Apple enable a Mobile Payment solution yet.

So Samsung and Nokia aren’t really helping themselves with these ads. They make them sound defensive and frankly somewhat stupid. Instead, focus on building great ecosystem with partners along with building great devices. Users will follow…

Images via Ubergizmo and Gizmodo