They said, the iPhone would change the mobile game and raise the bar for rest of the industry. I completely agree with that assessment and have commented on it myself. I was expecting the rest of the mobile manufacturers would get down in the trenches and start putting out devices, which could trump the iPhone. I mean, some of these guys have been in the Phone business for more than a decade. They surely know some things better than Apple. Sure they haven’t released anything that exciting in the past due to cost reasons or whatever. However the gates are widen open now and the market is very receptive.

Having said that, I never quite imagined that everyone else would blatantly start copying Apple and start offering almost similar designs to its consumers. No, I am not talking about fake iPhones, which are rampant on the streets of China. I am talking about other prominent players in the mobile industry. Let’s look at some of them who have completely surrendered and following Apple blatantly.


Nokia iPhone

Yes I was amazed too. Given all their N series, one would be surprised to see them copy Apple. Seriously I dont know how those PHDs up in Helsinki let this happen. Here is their latest device. Aside from the logo one cannot differentiate this from the iPhone. Image courtesy Engadget, read the whole story there.



These guys were the first ones to jump into the game. They launched their PRADA (warning: Browser resizing code at work) even before iPhone hit the market. Even though the form factor looks nice, they didn’t really do a great job with the details. Read the entire review.

HTC Touch


I like these guys and have owned their devices in the past. They have launched good phones in the past, but have really been followers than leaders. Continuing the trend they launched the HTC Touch. Check out the product specs here. Check out the comparison here.

Meizu M8


Yeah they aren’t that well known around here. However I felt like including them in this list as they were one of the firsts and the most blatant (after Nokia) rip-off of the iPhone. They launched the M8 early this year. Take a look at Gizmodo’s analysis (image courtesy Gizmodo).

Samsung F700


Yeah them too. They also launched their iPhone Killer F700, which again looks very similar. I must say that these guys have the most difference compared to all of the above, like sliding keyboard and 5 Megapixel camera. Checkout the review (image courtesy TechEBlog).
All I can say, I am somewhat disappointed. When iPhone raised the bar, I was hoping people would go above and beyond that. However these are guys are content with having a comparable product (that too somewhat). I dont think any one of them even comes close to the iPhone feature-set.

I am sure Mr. Jobs is loving this and I am sure the lawyers at Apple are also drooling about this. I guess, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Let me know what do you all think.