$0.89 on Amazon or $0.99 on iTunes

Amazon MP3

By now you must already know that Amazon has launched its MP3 download service to contend with the likes of iTunes. This has been a much anticipated move by Amazon, who is looking forward to displace iTunes from its leadership position.

So what would Amazon do to take on the goliath (iTunes)? Build the Earths Biggest Selection of a la Carte DRM-Free MP3 Music Downloads. With this selection they plan to offer cheaper, DRM free high quality music (256 kbps) to its users. The beta service boasts over 2 Million DRM free songs as part of their portfolio. These songs are available for direct high quality MP3 downloads, which allows them to compatible with “Any” device in the market.

Now, I am not going to review this service again for you. I am sure you can read Om Malik’s or Paul Stamatiou’s great posts or play with the service yourself. Although I am taking a critical look at the service as a consumer to see if it convinces me to move away from iTunes. So the intent here is to use the service as a user would and offer my verdict.

Amazon Storefront

Note: I must tell you that I have a 60 GB iPod and I use iTunes to manage my music on my MacBook. I use iTunes to buy new music (around once a month) and subscribe to podcasts. I use my MacBook to primarily store my music and use it or my iPod for playback. I am also an Amazon user and frequently buy products from their site.

So here is the sequence of events of my experience with the service:

Note: I am going to ignore registration and setup steps as they tend to be tedious for any service.

  1. Accessed the Amazon service page to discover songs
    • As expected, they have an excellent catalog. One can expect this from them given they are one of the lead e-tailers.
  2. After browsing the catalog I decided to check out Stronger by Kanye West, which led me to the page dedicated for the song. I can preview (or pre-listen) the song here before purchasing. This page also offers ratings and reviews, just like any other Amazon product.
  3. I clicked on the “Buy with 1 Click” button to purchase the song. This launches the Amazon MP3 downloader, which I had already installed while registering for the service.
  4. Amazon Downloader

    The Amazon app continued to download the song and notified me when complete

    • Now it gets a bit frustrating here as the app does nothing else but download the song. It simply has an option to show the MP3 file on disk when the process is complete.
    • However in order for me to enjoy it, I must get this song to my iPod. The process continues…
  5. So I proceed to launch the iTunes application
  6. I use the import feature to find, choose and import the song into my library, which is done in seconds as the song is already on my laptop.
  7. Finally I plug in my iPod to sync the song, which I can finally start enjoying.
    • By the way I have an email in my inbox from Amazon confirming the purchase of the song

So that took me around 7 steps to get “one” song to my iPod (even with all the optimizations). Now one would have to repeat these steps every time you want to purchase a song, unless you buy in bulk. Bear in mind I did not factor in any setup and registration steps. In comparison let’ s look at the iTunes experience.


  1. Start iTunes
  2. Select song (not factoring in the search aspect)
  3. Buy song, and I am done!!

In three simple steps I am done buying the song and syncing to my iPod. Well you must be guessing as where I am going with this, so I will get to the point. I would much rather pay $0.99 for a song on iTunes than going through the current Amazon user experience. Frankly DRM or not doesn’t really matter as I am not big into sharing my music to each and every one in my buddy list. Also the “any” device pitch doesn’t work for me (and most of you) as I use my iPod and my laptop for managing and listening to music.

Thumbs Down

So all in all, I am willing to take the $0.10 hit just for the “convenience factor”. As a typical music consumer using iPod my verdict would be a “Thumbs down”.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not bashing Amazon or being a Apple fanboy. Believe me, I am anything but an Apple fanboy and anything but a Amazon hater. My discontent with Amazon is purely based on the user experience they have enabled. Frankly I am impressed with their capability to bring cheap DRM free songs to the market. However they need to address the user experience before they can win me over as a consumer.

The ideal user experience would be as follows:

  • Amazon allows users to configure the music player or portable device
    • I can use this to configure iTunes/iPod as my default system
  • Once I click buy button on their website, it simply downloads the song to my iTunes, which automagically syncs it to my iPod
  • Alternatively they could write a plugin, which directly places the song on my iPod. Even an iTunes extension would be great

Once the device type is configured, this truly becomes a 1 step process. Now I know for a fact that this is possible. Lala does it today. Infact they can download directly to your iPod, which is pretty cool. Amazon can start with supporting this flow for all iPod users in the beginning and eventually expand to other devices. This strategy will deliver a sure blow to Apple as there wont be many reasons for users to stick with iTunes for purchasing music anymore.

So in conclusion, I hope Amazon can make these changes to truly take the leadership position in the market. Until then I will continue to use iTunes, unless the record label is Universal.

42 thoughts on “$0.89 on Amazon or $0.99 on iTunes”

  1. @ Scott

    Wow, thanks for that insight. There was no way of knowing that it did that on the main UI. I see the pref now.

    This surely makes the experience better than before. Now, can I configure the app to do this in the background? That would make it even more seamless.

  2. I have the Amazon MP3 Downloader import on iTunes on my MAC Mini.
    I’m also opening the amazon download files automatically from the browser.
    AND I’ve got my iPod in autosync with iTunes … guess how many steps now ?
    – step 1 : go to website, find music
    – step 2 : click buy button
    – step 3 : downloader downloads in seconds, sends to iTunes, iTunes sends to iPod
    – step4 : I’m out walking with new MP3 in the ears

  3. HappyMP3,

    Yep you are right, the experience is better with the iTunes update feature.
    I posted an update on the blog about it.

    I wish they can create their own desktop app and completely replace iTunes. That will be a sure way to win.

  4. can i use the thumbs down picture that has been advertised on google
    the reason why is because i am doin a dida unit for school


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  28. must have, with all the sales it's Karen Millen dresses sale ! And a movie too. What can I say? I thought lots of our students would want to go, but so far I can't even interest Kristen, who has been reading and Karen Millen coat Sale his books. Maybe she's wise enough to understand that just because you love someone's books doesn't mean you'll find the author interesting when you see Karen Millen solid color. I'll see soon enough and write about it here. I'm rereading, for the Karen Millen Dresses time, Harry Turtledove's Ruled Britannia, the alternative universe novel in which the Spanish Armada conquered England and, nine years later, Eliabeth is in the Tower, Karen Millen one shoulder Marlowe is still alive and Shakespeare has been karen millen sale to write two plays – one propaganda play for the Spanish, one propaganda play for the British, an underground movement led by Lord Burghley. The novel is told from two Karen Millen wedding dresses– Shakespeare's and that of Lope De Vega, a Spanish playwright and soldier who came over with the Armada. Lope is such a strong character, I looked karen millen dress up, knowing he was basically Spain's Shakespeare. I found he was even more. He wrote 1500 karen millen clothes, as well as novels, novellas, poetry. There was even a portrait of him in the Wikipedia article

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  30. school students will show how thrift store cast-offs can be turned into fashionable outfits as they partner with the Goffstown Public <a href="http://www.karenmillen-outletstores.co.uk/karen-millen-coat-c-1.html&quot; rel="nofollow" title=" karen millen outlet store “>karen millen outlet store for the “Secondhand Chic” fashion show. The event, to be held at Goffstown High School today from 7 to 9 p.m., will also Karen Millen skirts Uk a jewelry sale to benefit Goffstown High School’s art program, and refreshments will be provided by the school’s culinary karen millen clothes outlet. The library’s Adult Services Director Sandy Whipple said students from the high <a href="http://www.karenmillen-outletstores.co.uk/karen-millen-multicolor-dresses-c-4.html&quot; rel="nofollow" title="Karen Millen collection dresses”>Karen Millen collection dresses will be models for ensembles they put together themselves, ranging from everyday school wear to prom karen millen Sale Part of it will be <a href="http://www.karenmillen-eveningdresses.com/&quot; rel="nofollow" title="karen millen outlet”>karen millen outlet on them that you don’t have to go to the mall and spend a bazillion dollars to look great,” Whipple said. “It’s a great way to clothe your family on a shoestring budget.” Whipple said shopping at the Karen Millen dresses Clothes Center, located at 9 North Mast Road, is also a good way to reuse and recycle, and that the center Karen Millen dresses sale plenty of

  31. I will never be able to repay karen millen dresses for this kindness and consideration. We are over the hump. I am riding at U.S. Nationals. Margarita is calm and relaxed. Life is good! Tomorrow is Wednesday…the first show day. Jennifer and karen millen sale are ‘on’ for two classes. I have to make a decision about whether or not Margarita and I are going to ride our section of Sport Horse Under Saddle. Her lack of energy gives me a great deal to think about for the Karen Millen coat outlet Sport Horse National Championship show in September. No single day at Nationals is as packed as Saturday at this show, but it is a good head’s up. We will manage her carefully so she doesn’t run out of steam early on. She goes on Red Cell as soon as we get home. Next up on the show schedule: Cool August Nights in Karen Millen Skirts, CA. Margarita and Mo are going to this open show. It’s a big venue, new to both. It’s a longer haul from home. It will be a good ‘practice run’ for karen milen clothes. Plus we want the big white guy to be familiar with the venue as the year end Karen Millen Outlet Regional Championship and karen millen lace dress

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