Carnival of Mobilists 100th Edition

Carnival of Mobilists

Welcome to the 100th edition of the carnival. This is a momentous milestone and it comes to you from foggy Santa Cruz. I have been participating in the carnival for past few months and am certainly lucky enough to host the 100th edition.

Santa Cruz Sunset

Before we jump into the posts, we should offer our gratitude to the people who made this happen. People who started this carnival and have maintained it for folks like us to enjoy. Please join me in thanking the following:

Russell Buckley and Carlo Longino of MobHappy who started it all back in Oct 2005. Along with Rudy De Waele they were original the visionaries. Finally Judy Breck and Troy Norcross for keeping the carnival going. Their efforts are really appreciated and without their leadership we wouldn’t have been enjoying this.

So let’s jump into the picks for this week. As expected there are a bunch about Android.

Michael Mace of Mobile Opportunity discusses the component nature of the new mobile OS from Google. On the other hand Steve Ives of Taptology discusses the implications of Android on the mobile market. James Pearce of Tripleodeon provides his coverage of Google’s Android presentation at MoMoBoston.

Ajit Jaokar of Open Gardens switches views and ponders on the lack of SIP/IMS stack within Android. Here is my quick analysis on Android as well.

Santa Cruz West Cliff

Switching gears, Martin Sauter takes an in-depth look at the evolution of the current 3.5G HSPA standard. Sticking with the in-depth views, Thomas Menguy provides his analysis of various mobile coding platforms and the various execution engines. Azizi Jennis of TreoToday talks about his most used mobile web sites. My favorites would be GMail and Facebook.

Finally a post from Chetan Sharma, providing detailed analysis of the US wireless data market for Q3 2007. Chetan does an excellent job with these reports and they contain a treasure of valuable data. Hence this is my post of the week.

That wraps up the entries for this week. The 101st edition is being hosted by Martin Sauter. Please send in your entries by mail to or use this blog carnival page.

Once again thanks to organizers and coordinators. Looking forward to the next 100.

Santa Cruz Beach

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