IPTV Media 2.0

Discontinuing the Cable TV Service

How many times you have turned on the TV, only to find that there is nothing good on it. Unless you are watching during primetime, there is nothing worth spending your valuable time. Invariably you keep flipping channels and end up settling for something half decent. The problem is that, networks have shows on a pre-defined schedule, which works for them. However, it doesn’t always work for the individual who has to schedule his/her life around it. From top of my head here are some issues with the Cable/Satellite broadcast TV model.

  • Timing on the network’s terms not the consumer
  • Shows compete for the time slot, which means that the consumer looses if he/she has to pick one
  • Consumer pays for items he/she doesn’t watch. This one frustrates me the most as I don’t watch over 90% of the content and I am sure lot of people are the same way.
  • HD coverage is still spotty. Location is always an issue. Although this is getting better

So, what do I to work around these issues. With the Internet, there are multiple options on the table and I want to move towards one of those. Here is my ideal TV watching experience:

  • All the content (shows) available when I want on my TV and not on my PC. I paid over $2k for my 50 inch plasma, I want to use it versus watching it on a sub 20 inch screen
  • All shows available for rent or purchase
    • I am a big advocate of the “Pay Per Use” model and would like that to be implemented for TV as well
    • It’s only fair to pay for what you watch, versus paying for 90% of the nonsense you never watch

Such a model will allow me to watch TV on my terms and around my schedule. I will also end up saving money as I will only pay for what I watch.

In order to make this happen, I am going to switch over to Apple TV entirely. Yes there are multiple options in the market such as Roku and Vudu. However, I have Apple TV for sometime and am using it for this effort. I have also installed Boxee (on Apple TV), which allows me watch additional content from HULU (Fox and NBC shows), Comedy Central etc. With both these services I can pretty much get acces to all the TV content I care about. Apple TV also let’s me rent movies, which is great. Boxee is also planning to hookup NetFlix, which will allow me access to additional titles. Gizmodo and LifeHacker have great posts on how to set this up and other cheaper viable options.

Now, what would I loose with this approach? All LIVE content, especially sports. I don’t care about news on TV much as I catch all that on the web anyways. However I would definitely miss sports. Frankly we still don’t have an IPTV infrastructure from any provider, which can offer this over the internet. So, I have decided to use a HDTV capable antenna to grab the local channels off the air. Most sports are on these channels anyway.Yes, in this case I will have to schedule my life around the broadcast times. By the way i am still hunting for a good indoor antenna. Suggestions are welcome.

All in all, if this process succeeds I won’t be tied to any cables (pun intended) and will pay for what I use. It remains to be seen if I do save money with this approach or not as the shows on Apple TV are still pricy for my liking.

In conclusion I think this is the furture of TV anyway. People have busy lives these days and the model will have to evolve to meet their needs. You can also choose to call it TV 2.0.

Let me know what you think about this post. Do write your suggestions and ideas about the changing TV landscape.

By Abhishek Tiwari

SVP Product | ❤️ building Enterprise SaaS & Consumer Products | Beer & BBQ, enthusiast

59 replies on “Discontinuing the Cable TV Service”

Hey Abhi,As you know I've been sans cable for over 6 years now. At first it meant simply not watching TV, but now there's so much content online that I can't possibly watch it all. I have my MacBook Pro hooked up directly to my projection screen and watch things all the time. I've also tried Boxee, which is definitely headed in the right direction and once they squash a few more bugs will likely become my primary way of watching online video. As for the price of TV shows on iTunes, why not just watch them directly from Hulu, or NBC, or ABC? If they're not there they are usually on NetFlix, which now supports Mac.I run into more and more people doing exactly this, mostly folks my age or slightly younger. Some also augment this with over the air TV which is great quality if you can get it.If you haven't already, go ahead, pull the plug. You won't miss it.Best,~>Bill

Yes, I am going towards the OTA antenna model, which should get me local HD channels.Also I do watch HULU, Comedy Central on my Boxee over Apple TV.My goal is to watch all the content on my big screen and not my laptop. That has been a peeve of mine. Actually I watch all the Vodcasts on my TV too. You know, I spent considerable money buying that, so I should be able to watch everything there.PS — Any suggestions on the antenna.

Development of digital technologies occurs prompt rates. Does not lag behind progress and digital TV. Speaking about digital TV, we first of all mean satellite TV. The digital satellite TV becomes more and more accessible to simple users. The market paid satellite tv also is not necessary on a place. The new digital standard of TV of high clearness HDTV actively develops and takes root. The satellite TV becomes more and more directed on the spectator. Besides digital quality of the image, advantage of satellite systems also is also the extensive cover zone of the companion.

True.However, in that “time shifting” model, you are still paying for content you don't watch.Also you have to take premium packages to access HBO programming. Not to mention that the HD content would need larger (more expensive) Tivo box.

Although it started slowly, more and more traditional TV screencast are now on the net. Initially poor quality, the path at which it grows suggest that with technology ever improving, traditional tv as we know it will die soon, to benefit web tv. The end result will raise the question of how programs are financed since web tv is free

Oscar,I agree with you. TV networks are dragging their feet in adopting the new medium as they dont know how to play in it. Their future is very similar to the print media.In my opinion they must fund innovation in the web media to be able to monetize that medium without implementing subscription models. Creative advertising, personalization etc are some of the areas to look at.

Please let me know of this as this is a new concept to me.I heard that these three comes as a package in edmonton.Please let me know,which package is worth and from which service provider.My basic usage is a broadband 256kbps and certainly a landline and mobile for me and my wife and most of our calls will be longdistance,made to india or uk or usa and the cable tv that provides indian channels.Can anyone help me with these details.

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I totally agree with this. I recently moved into a new place and we decided early on that we'd be getting broadband internet, but no cable TV. It's a $60+ per month expense that we really wouldn't use all that much, especially since our schedules rarely allow us to watch things when they first air. Things like Hulu and NetFlix are where it's at!

Yes i agree this.. Without cable connection we can see television in that internet.. Not only cable Television whatever you want you can see there.. Thanks for sharing this service with us.. Hereafter we don't want cable connection also.. This internet is reducing our amount also.. Nice to hear..

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